Advanced VA Disability FAST-PASS™ Video Guide Gold Service

How Our Gold Services Works

  • STEP 1: Finish Enrolling for Your Gold Services Course below on This Page

  • STEP 2: Complete the VA Disability FAST-PASS™ Video Guide

  • STEP 3: Get Your Login & Schedule Your Claim Review

  • STEP 4: We Help You File Your Claim Online Together

  • STEP 5: Attend All Your C&P Exams (Follow the C&P Exams Guides)

NOTE: You will ONLY receive Compensation Back Pay to the date you filed You Claim. Every Day You Wait You Lose Compensation Back Pay Income. It is time you stopped letting the government keep your money!

Go Gold! Get Your Personal Disability Claim Filing Services

Quickly File Your Claim

We Can Prepare Your Disability Compensation Claim in a few hours.

Get Expert Filing Assistance

Our Claim Filing Experts will Review & Apply Best Practices to Your Claim.

6-Months of Support

We help You for 6 Months to respond to the VA Denial/Appeal Process.

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